Synchrotron-detecting Orbit Following Toolkit

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The Synchrotron-detecting Orbit Following Toolkit SOFT is an orbit-following tool, specifically designed for calculating various types of radiation received from runaway electrons. The primary type of radiation studied with SOFT is synchrotron radiation, which is one of the most accessible diagnostics for studying runaway electrons in tokamak experiments. Recent developments also allow the study of runaway bremsstrahlung with SOFT.


SOFT can be downloaded from GitHub, either by doing a git clone or by selecting and downloading a .zip-file containing the repo.


Official documentation for SOFT is available on

A page gathering information runaway electron synchrotron and bremsstrahlung radiation, such as their dependences on the runaway distribution function and detector placement, is currently under construction here.


Below is a list of publications including results obtained with SOFT. The underlined publications are considered "key" references that should be cited in any publication using results obtained with SOFT.