Available: At request
Documentation: No

The code COllisional Distributions of Electrons (CODE) solves the spatially homogeneous drift-kinetic equation with a linear Fokker-Planck operator. CODE includes effects such as synchrotron and bremsstrahlung emission, a self-consistent electric field evolution as well as partial screening of ions.

CODE is our in-house kinetic solver used for a wide range of kinetic simulations of runaway electrons. Since CODE is not published on GitHub it is only available on request. Please contact us to obtain the code and instructions for how to use it.


CODE has never been officially released, but it is formally an open source and is available at request. Please contact either Mathias or T√ľnde for further information.


No official documentation is available for CODE. Please contact the CODE developers for help.


Below is a list of publications including results obtained with CODE. The underlined publications are considered "key" references that should be cited in any publication using results obtained with CODE.