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Welcome to the website of the plasma theory research group at Chalmers University of Technology. We belong to the Division of Subatomic and plasma physics of the Department of Physics.

Very Smart, Interesting Person
Group picture taken 31 Aug after the promotion lecture of Fulvio Militello.


We seek a postdoctoral associate in fusion plasma physics. More details can be found here.

Outgoing research visits and conference participation

Julien Ferri and Longqing Yi plan to attend and have oral presentations at the 5th Conference on High Intensity Laser and Attosecond science in Israel (CHILI2017), 11-13 December in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Longqing will speak about "Relativistic magnetic reconnection driven by a laser interacting with a micro-scale plasma slab" and Julien will have a presentation on "Proton beams generated by a pair of laser pulses".

Istvan Pusztai will visit Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory 16-18 January to work with Jason Tenbarge on Vlasov modelling of collisionless shocks.

Istvan Pusztai will visit General Atomics 5-16 March to work with Jeff Candy on electromagnetic zonal flow responses.


Elisabetta Boella from KU Leuven will visit us 15-17 January.

Oliver Linder from Max-Planck IPP Garching will visit us 22-26 January.

How to find us

The group's offices are on the top (3rd) floor of the Soliden part of the physics building. The address is Fysikgården 1. This map shows various routes to find the place.