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Welcome to the website of the plasma theory research group at Chalmers University of Technology. We belong to the Division of Subatomic and plasma physics of the Department of Physics.

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Group picture taken 31 Aug after the promotion lecture of Fulvio Militello.


We seek student research assistants to join the ERC-funded project "Running away and radiating". Deadline for applications 15 October. More details can be found here.

Outgoing research visits and conference participation

Longqing Yi, Julien Ferri, Vangelis Siminos and Joana Martins will attend the 3rd European Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop 24-30 September, La Biodola, Isola d'Elba. Vangelis will give a talk about "Kinetic and finite ion mass effects on the transition to relativistic self-induced transparency in laser-driven ion acceleration" and Julien will have an oral presentation with the title "High-brilliance betatron gamma-ray source powered by laser-accelerated electrons", Joana will present a poster on "Betatron radiation emission from laser-wakefields driven by pulses with OAM". Longqing's poster's title is "Relativistic magnetic reconnection driven by a laser interacting with a micro-plasma-slab"

George Wilkie, Stefan Buller, Tünde and Ian Abel plan to attend the European Fusion Theory Conference in Athens 9-12 October 2017.

George Wilkie will visit TCV, EPFL for on-site participation in analysis and modelling tasks 16-20 October.

Mathias Hoppe and Ola Embreus will visit TCV, EPFL for on-site participation in analysis and modelling tasks 23-27 October.

Longqing Yi, Istvan Pusztai and Joana Martins will participate in the 59th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics October 23 - 27, 2017, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Istvan will give a talk with the title Isotope and mixture effects on neoclassical transport in the pedestal, Longqing will talk about Relativistic magnetic reconnection driven by a moderately intense laser interacting with a micro-plasma-slab and Joana will present a poster with the title Stochastic heating in laser interaction with ultra-thin foils. Members of our group are also co-author on a poster presentation Synchrotron emission in Alcator C-Mod: spectra at three magnetic fields, visible camera images, and polarization data by R A Tinguely.

Tünde will attend a workshop arranged by the Regional Comittee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Cluj, Romania 2-4 November.

George Wilkie will visit JET for on-site participation in analysis and modelling tasks 13-18 November.

Tünde will attend the European Fusion Physics Workshop 27-29 November, Dubrovnik, to give an invited talk on runaway electrons in disruptions.

George Wilkie will visit Asdex-U in connection with the Medium Sized Tokamak programme 11-15 December.

Julien Ferri and Longqing Yi plan to attend the 5th Conference on High Intensity Laser and Attosecond science in Israel (CHILI2017), 11-13 December in Tel-Aviv, Israel.


Eva Macusova from IPP Prague will visit Chalmers 6-10 November.

Laurent Gremillet from CEA will visit us 13-25 November.

New people

Illia Thiele will join us as a postdoc on the PLIONA project from 30 October.

Master thesis projects

Are you looking for master thesis project for the coming semester? We are currently offering a new project: Relativistic chaos in laser-matter interactions. For further information contact us directly.

How to find us

The group's offices are on the top (3rd) floor of the Soliden part of the physics building. The address is Fysikgården 1. This map shows various routes to find the place.