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Welcome to the website of the plasma theory research group at Chalmers University of Technology. We belong to the Division of Subatomic, High Energy and Plasma Physics of the Department of Physics.


Best PhD student presenters June 14th
Hannes Bergström and Ida Ekmark are the winners of the best PhD student presenter's prize at the 11th Runaway Electron Modelling meeting, held at Swiss Plasma Centre, EPFL, Lausanne. The prize is sponsored by Journal of Plasma Physics.
MSc thesis presentations May 19th
Christian Gustavsson and Nico Guth presented their MSc thesis seminars on 7 June 10-12. Nico presented a thesis on "The pellet rocket effect in magnetic confinement fusion plasmas" and Christian's presentation was on on "Sensitivities of the runaway current in JET disruptions to massive gas injection and initial plasma current".
European Physical Society, Division of Plasma Physics, Best PhD thesis award April 10th
Congratulations to our previous PhD student, Mathias Hoppe, for receiving the EPS-PPD PhD award.
Wallenberg Scholar March 28th
Tünde has received a grant from the [Wallenberg Scholar]( program. The Wallenberg Scholars program aims to provide leading researchers in Sweden with grants for free research. Following a comprehensive international peer review, the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation has chosen to fund 118 researchers for five years, providing up to SEK 18 million each for researchers in theoretical subjects and up to SEK 20 million each for researchers in experimental subjects.
Prestigious award to Mathias Hoppe March 28th
We congratulate our previous PhD student, Mathias Hoppe, for receiving an award from Ruth and Nils-Erik Stenbäck foundation. The prize winners are selected by Finska Vetenskaps-Societeten in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Upcoming events

Emil, Ida, István, Mufei, Oskar and Tünde will go to Salamanca between July 8th — 12th. They will participate in the European Physical Society Plasma Physics meeting. Tünde will deliver the Hannes Alfvén lecture together with Per Helander. Oskar will present an invited talk with the title "From injection to deposition -- capturing the drift of ablated pellet material in a tokamak." Emil and Istvan will present "Data-driven discovery of a heat-flux closure in a two-stream unstable plasma." Ida will present "Fluid and kinetic modelling of runaway electron seed generation during disruptions". Mufei will present "Autoresonant plasma wave excitation in multi-dimensional particle-in-cell simulations".

Emil, István, Konrad, Lise, Tünde and Victor will go to IRF Uppsala between August 29th — 30th. We will have a lunch-to-lunch general assembly for the Extreme Plasma Flares project.

Ida will go to ITER headquarters between September 3rd — 6th. She will attend [3rd IAEA Technical Meeting on Plasma Disruptions and their Mitigation](

Tünde will go to Stockholm on September 24th. She has been invited to give the Alfvén lecture at KTH. The lecture will take place 15:30-16:30 in lecture hall E3.

Lise Meitner symposium We will organize the 2024 Lise Meitner Symposium with the title [Understanding complexity: network science and statistical physics]( on 27 September, in the PJ seminar room.

Tünde will go to Oxford between September 29th — December 21st. She has been elected to a Visiting Research Fellowship at Merton College for the Michaelmas Full Term.

Alfvén prize gathering 2024-04-07
Celebrations for Tünde's and Per's Alfvén prize, with current and former members of the Chalmers Plasma Theory group.
Alfvén prize gathering
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Find us: The group's offices are on the top (3rd) floor of the Soliden part of the Physics building. The address is Fysikgården 1. This map shows various routes to find the place.

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