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Welcome to the website of the plasma theory research group at Chalmers University of Technology. We belong to the Division of Subatomic, High Energy and Plasma Physics of the Department of Physics.


10th Runaway Electron Modelling (REM) meeting between June 19th — June 23rd 2023


New PhD student May 18th
We are happy to welcome Emil Ingelsten as a new PhD student in our group! He will join the Extreme Plasma Flares project, a collaboration between the Swedish Institute of Space Science (IRF), Uppsala and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm.
First prize in the Hungarian National Student Researcher Competition (OTDK) April 16th
Congratulations to Lili Édes for winning the first prize in the Hungarian National Student Researcher Competition (OTDK), in the Plasma Physics section, with her research project on disruption modelling. The title of her project was "Numerical simulation of the current spike in ASDEX Upgrade disruptions". Supervisors were István Pusztai and Gergö Pokol.
Bert-Inge Hogsved's prize March 15th
Congratulations to Ida Ekmark and Esmée Berger for the [Bert-Inge Hogsved's prize for best enterpreneurship]( They got the prize for developing the [STREAM]( code together with Mathias Hoppe.

Upcoming events

Dominika Maslarova from Institute of Plasma Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences will visit between May 22nd — June 4th.

Nordic Fusion Seminar The Nordic Fusion Seminar takes place 12-13 June in Gothenburg. Istvan Pusztai will give a talk with the title "Runaway electron dynamics in shattered pellet mitigated ITER disruptions". Ida Ekmark will give a talk with the title "Multi-objective Bayesian optimization of tokamak disruptions using fluid and kinetic models".

Ida, Oskar and Tünde will go to Max-Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Garching between June 19th — 23rd. They will participate in the REM workshop.

Oskar and Tünde will go to Cadarache between June 26th — July 1st. Tünde has been invited to give a talk on "Modelling runaway electrons" at the [12th ITER International School on the Impact and Consequences of Energetic Particles in Fusion Systems]( Oskar will participate as a student and present a poster.

Ida, István and Mufei will go to 49th European Conference on Plasma Physics between July 3rd — 7th. István has been invited to give a talk on "Runaway electron dynamics in ITER disruptions mitigated by shattered pellet injection". Ida will present "Bayesian optimization of disruption scenarios with fluid-kinetic models". Mufei will present "Kinetic modelling of autoresonant beat-wave excitation of plasma waves".

Tünde will go to Princeton between July 19th — 21st. She is invited to give a talk at the [Theory and Simulation of Disruptions Workshop](

FLARE kick-off meeting We will have a lunch-to-lunch kick-off meeting for the Extreme Plasma Flares project August 28-29, with participants from IRF Uppsala and KTH.

Oskar will go to IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, London between October 16th — 21st. He plans to present a contribution with the title "Runaway electron dynamics in ITER disruptions with shattered pellet injection". Members of our group are also co-authors on contributions by M Lehnen "Physics basis and technology development for the ITER disruption mitigation system", by A Järvinen "Bayesian approach for uncertainty quantification and data-efficient optimization in fusion research" and E Nardon "Modelling of runaway electron dynamics in tokamak disruptions".

Contact details

Department of Physics
Chalmers University of Technology
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Email: tunde at

Phone: +46 31 772380

Find us: The group's offices are on the top (3rd) floor of the Soliden part of the Physics building. The address is Fysikgården 1. This map shows various routes to find the place.

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