Ida Ekmark
PhD student
Contact details

Department of Physics
Chalmers University of Technology
SE-412 96 Göteborg

Email: ekmark at

ORCID: 0000-0001-8065-4650

Recent publications
  1. Ida Ekmark, Multi-objective Bayesian optimization of tokamak disruptions using fluid and kinetic models. Chalmers University of Technology MSc thesis (2023)
  2. I. Pusztai et al., Bayesian optimization of massive material injection for disruption mitigation in tokamaks. Journal of Plasma Physics 89 (2), 905890204 (2023)
  3. M. Hoppe et al., Runaway electron generation during tokamak start-up. Journal of Plasma Physics 88 (3), 905880317 (2022)
  4. I. Ekmark, A. Rosenberg, C. Rutgersson, Simulering av skenande elektroner vid start av fusionsreaktorer. Chalmers University of Technology BSc thesis (2021)
### Culham Summer School and EPS 2023 At Culham Summer School and EPS, I'm presenting a [poster]( with the associated [proceedings](, which are based on my [master thesis](
Recent publications
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