8th Runaway Electron Modelling (REM) meeting Back

January 13th — January 17th 2020
at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden
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The 8th Runaway Electron Modelling (REM) meeting
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Runaway electron generation in plasmas is a phenomenon that is rich in basic physics and has also great practical importance. It is a candidate mechanism for electron acceleration in solar flares, it is frequently observed in electric discharges associated with thunderstorms, and it occurs also in tokamak disruptions, when the plasma current is forced to change too quickly and a large electric field is induced. In tokamaks, runaways may damage plasma facing components due to their highly localized energy deposition. The potential for detrimental effects increases with plasma current. Therefore, understanding the processes that may eliminate runaway beam formation is very important for future reactor-scale tokamaks with high currents, such as ITER. The aim of the meeting is to make progress in the modelling of runaway electron dynamics, with a particular focus to runaways in tokamak disruptions. This is the 8th edition of the Runaway Electron Modelling (REM) workshop and is open for **all interested researchers**. The workshop hosts also the meeting of the EUROfusion "Theory, Simulation, Validation and Verification" project "Modelling of electron runaway in tokamak disruptions in the presence of Massive Material Injection". If you experience any technical issues with the conference registration or website, don't hesitate to contact Mathias (see contact details below).


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Organizing team
Tünde Fülöp
István Pusztai
Klara Insulander Björk
Linnea Hesslow
Mathias Hoppe
Ola Embréus
We recommend Hotel Poseidon, Storgatan 33 ([http://www.hotelposeidon.se](https://www.hotelposeidon.com/sv-se)), where 25 single rooms have been pre-booked for 12-17 January. Participants can mail our secretary anne.seilonen@chalmers.se and she will make the reservation at the hotel.
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