Contributions to Joint Runaway Electron Modelling (REM) and JET SPI Analysis meeting (44)

Expulsion of runaway electrons using ECRH in the TCV tokamak Oral
Joan Decker et al.
An upper neutral pressure limit for low-Z benign termination of runaway electron beams in TCV Oral
Mathias Hoppe et al.
Kinetic RE modelling with DREAM in the context of DEMO Oral
Gergo Pokol et al.
Detection of runaway electron radiation at JT-60SA Oral
Soma Olasz et al.
Plasma radiation analysis of AUG SPI experiments Oral
Ferenc Lengyel et al.
Towards the simulation of RE beam termination in DTT Oral
Enrico Emanuelli et al.
Multi-Machine Studies of Low-Z Benign Termination of RE Beams Oral
Umar Sheikh et al.
Runaway Electrons in JOREK: Status and Perspectives Oral
Matthias Hoelzl et al.
Increasing the Physics Fidelity of SPI Simulations With the DREAM Code Oral
Oskar Vallhagen et al.
Implementation and validation of the avalanche source for a 3D kinetic model of relativistic electrons Oral Remote
Fiona Wouters et al.
Towards validating the runaway electron avalanche model in JOREK Oral
Eric Nardon et al.
Benchmarking the JOREK Hot Tail Runaway Electron seed with DREAM Oral
Louis Puel
Fluid and kinetic modeling of runaway electron seed generation during disruptions Oral
Ida Ekmark et al.
Runaway Electrons benign termination in JET Oral
Lovepreet Singh et al.
Theory for runaway electron dominated equilibria: status and the way forward Oral Remote
Di Hu et al.
Runaway electron beam termination and wall loads in DEMO Oral
Francesco Vannini et al.
Limits and physics of the runaway electron benign termination scenario Oral
Cédric Reux et al.
Benign termination of runaway electron beams at JET: Radiated power and bolometry during massive material injections Oral
Nathan Schoonheere et al.
Assessment of the runaway electron transport in ECRH-induced expulsion experiments Oral
Rick Hellinga et al.
An update on runaway electron mitigation and diagnosis in SPARC Oral
Alex Tinguely et al.
Hybrid kinetic-MHD simulations of runaway electron beam termination events Oral
Hannes Bergström et al.
Scoping and modeling of runaway electron impacts in SPARC Oral
Abigail Feyrer et al.
Spatially dependent simulations of runaway electron mitigation via impurity injection in JET using a 1D impurity diffusion model Oral
Matthew Beidler et al.
Exploration of the Ohmic field-ECRH interplay and the effect on fast electron dynamics in TCV with LUKE Oral
Ewout Devlaminck et al.
Modeling and measurements of Runaway Electron Bremsstrahlung radiation on TCV Oral
Luke Simons et al.
Experimental and numerical investigation of suprathermal electron dynamics in TCV plasmas Oral
Lorenzo Votta et al.
Modeling interactions between runaway electrons and whistler waves in fusion plasmas Oral Remote
Yashika Ghai et al.
Status of Collisionless Runaway Electron Mitigation Experiments Oral
Alexander Battey et al.
Pellet Ablation and Passive Coils: On-Campus Disruption Mitigation Research at Columbia Oral
Carlos Paz-Soldan et al.
Update on developing efficient Bayesian inference methods for runaway electron model validation Oral
Aaro Järvinen et al.
The development of surrogate models for runaway electron generation using physics-informed neural networks Oral
Chris McDevitt
Modelling of shattered pellet injection experiments on the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak Oral
Ansh Patel et al.
Considerations for the installation of MANTIS in AUG Oral
Andres Orduna Martinez et al.
Particle balance during benign termination of runaway electron scenarios in TCV tokamak Oral
Yuri Asnis et al.
Jakub Čaloud et al.
Update on the implementation of the SPARC tokamak runaway electron mitigation coil Oral
John Boguski et al.
Comparison of various diagnostic means of RE population properties and RE beam termination Oral
Ondrej Ficker et al.
Modelling Shattered Pellet Injection in ASDEX Upgrade with DREAM Oral
Peter Halldestam et al.
Study of plasmoid drifts in massive material injection with JOREK Oral
Mengdi Kong et al.
A unified atomic description for high-Z impurities modelling in tokamak plasmas Oral Remote
Yves Savoye-Peysson et al.
Introduction to the Joint Runaway Electron Modelling and JET SPI Analysis Meeting Oral
Joan Decker
TSVV-09 discussion Oral
Eric Nardon
Discussion about passive mitigation and runaway electron impact Oral
Carlos Paz-Soldan
Discussion about EC waves, transport of runaways (including JET SPI task 8) and DREAM modelling Oral
Mathias Hoppe et al.
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