Evangelos Siminos Alumni
Assistant professor
Recent publications
  1. E. Siminos, I. Thiele, C. Olofsson, Laser Wakefield Driven Generation of Isolated Carrier-Envelope-Phase Tunable Intense Subcycle Pulses. Physical Review Letters 126 (4), 044801 (2021)
  2. J. Ferri et al., Effects of oblique incidence and colliding pulses on laser-driven proton acceleration from relativistically transparent ultrathin targets. Journal of Plasma Physics 86 (5), 905860505 (2020)
  3. A Sundström et al., Collisional effects on the electrostatic shock dynamics in thin-foil targets driven by an ultraintense short pulse laser. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 62 (8), 085015 (2020)
  4. Andréas Sundström et al., Fast collisional electron heating and relaxation in thin foils driven by a circularly polarized ultraintense short-pulse laser. Journal of Plasma Physics 86 (2), 755860201 (2020)
  5. J. Ferri et al., Enhancement of laser-driven ion acceleration in non-periodic nanostructured targets. Journal of Plasma Physics 86 (1), 905860101 (2020)
Note: This researcher is no longer affiliated with Chalmers University of Technology.
For a complete list of publications, see my [old homepage](http://www.cns.gatech.edu/~siminos/publications.html).
Recent publications
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