Evangelos Siminos
Assistant professor
Contact details

Department of Physics
Chalmers University of Technology
SE-412 96 Göteborg

Email: evangelos.siminos at physics.gu.se

Recent publications
  1. Julien Ferri et al., Effects of oblique incidence and colliding pulses on laser-driven proton acceleration from relativistically transparent ultrathin targets. Journal of Plasma Physics (), (2020)
  2. A Sundström et al., Collisional effects on the electrostatic shock dynamics in thin-foil targets driven by an ultraintense short pulse laser. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (), (2020)
  3. A Sundström et al., Fast collisional electron heating and relaxation in thin foils driven by a circularly polarized ultraintense short-pulse laser. Journal of Plasma Physics (), (2020)
  4. J. Ferri et al., Enhancement of laser-driven ion acceleration in non-periodic nanostructured targets. Journal of Plasma Physics 86 (1), 905860101 (2020)
  5. J. Ferri, E. Siminos, T. Fülöp, Enhanced target normal sheath acceleration using colliding laser pulses. Communications Physics 2 (1), 40 (2019)
For a complete list of publications, see my [old homepage](http://www.cns.gatech.edu/~siminos/publications.html).
Recent publications
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