Anna Kómár Alumni
MSc student
Recent publications
  1. G. I. Pokol et al., Quasi-linear analysis of the extraordinary electron wave destabilized by runaway electrons. Physics of Plasmas 21 (10), 102503 (2014)
  2. A. Kómár, G. I. Pokol, T. Fülöp, Electromagnetic waves destabilized by runaway electrons in near-critical electric fields. Physics of Plasmas 20 (1), 012117 (2013)
  3. A Kómár, G I Pokol, T Fülöp, Interaction of electromagnetic waves and suprathermal electrons in the near-critical electric field limit. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 401 (1), 012012 (2012)
Note: This researcher is no longer affiliated with Chalmers University of Technology.
M Sc thesis student 2013 (at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, supervised jointly by Gergö Pokol and Tünde Fülöp). Now PhD student at Caltech.
Recent publications
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