Illia Thiele Alumni
Postdoctoral fellow
Recent publications
  1. J. Ferri et al., Enhancement of laser-driven ion acceleration in non-periodic nanostructured targets. Journal of Plasma Physics 86 (1), 905860101 (2020)
  2. I. Thiele, E. Siminos, T. Fülöp, Electron Beam Driven Generation of Frequency-Tunable Isolated Relativistic Subcycle Pulses. Physical Review Letters 122 (10), 104803 (2019)
  3. I. Thiele et al., Terahertz emission from laser-driven gas plasmas: a plasmonic point of view. Optica 5 (12), 1617 (2018)
  4. P. González de Alaiza Martínez et al., Maxwell-consistent, symmetry- and energy-preserving solutions for ultrashort-laser-pulse propagation beyond the paraxial approximation. Physical Review A 98 (4), 043849 (2018)
  5. R. Nuter et al., Plasma solenoid driven by a laser beam carrying an orbital angular momentum. Physical Review E 98 (3), 033211 (2018)
Note: This researcher is no longer affiliated with Chalmers University of Technology.
At Chalmers until 31 March 2019. Now at German Patent Office
Recent publications
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