Stefan Buller Alumni
PhD student
Recent publications
  1. S Buller, Collisional transport in edge transport barriers and stellarators. Chalmers University of Technology PhD thesis (2019)
  2. S. Buller et al., The importance of the classical channel in the impurity transport of optimized stellarators. Journal of Plasma Physics 85 (4), 175850401 (2019)
  3. S. Buller et al., Optimization of flux-surface density variation in stellarator plasmas with respect to the transport of collisional impurities. Nuclear Fusion 59 (6), 066028 (2019)
  4. S. Buller et al., Collisional transport of impurities with flux-surface varying density in stellarators. Journal of Plasma Physics 84 (4), 905840409 (2018)
  5. S Buller, Radially global neoclassical transport in tokamak pedestals. Chalmers University of Technology Lic thesis (2017)
Note: This researcher is no longer affiliated with Chalmers University of Technology.
Particle and heat transport in fusion plasmas
Recent publications
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