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Recent events, research visits and conference participation

Gergely Papp from IPP Garching visited us 18-22 September.

Illia Thiele from Bordeaux visited us 13-15 September.

Oscar Jakobsson (U Manchester) joined us as a project assistant 12 Jun - 15 Sept to work on synthetic synchrotron diagnostics.

The PLIONA general assembly took place 14-15 September, at Chalmers.

Mathias Hoppe and George Wilkie is attending the IAEA energetic particle meeting in Princeton, 5-8 September. George will give an invited talk with the title: "The stabilization of ITG turbulence induced by fast ions". Mathias will give a regular talk with the title "Modelling synchrotron radiation images of runaway electrons".

Paolo Ricci from EPFL visited 31 Aug - 1 Sept.

Fulvio Militello and Sarah Newton from Culham Centre for Fusion Energy visited 30 Aug - 1 Sept.

Fulvio Militello presented his adjunct professor promotion seminar "Boundary plasma turbulence: principles and prospects for magnetic fusion" on 31 Aug 13:30.

Stefan Buller presented his Licentiate thesis Radially global neoclassical transport in tokamak pedestals on 1 September 10-12. Opponent was Paolo Ricci from EPFL.

Paolo Ricci gave a seminar with the title "New insights on scrape-off layer plasma turbulence" on 1 Sept 13:30.

Jack Connor from Culham Centre for Fusion Energy visited during 14-26 August.

George Wilkie gave an invited talk with the title "First-principles impurity and energetic particle transport in multiscale gyrokinetics" at US-Japan Joint Institute for Fusion Theory workshop on Multiscale Methods in Plasma Physics that will be held in Boulder, Colorado 22-24 August.

Per Helander from IPP Greifswald visited Chalmers 14-18 August.

Istvan Pusztai visited MIT PSFC, 31 July to 11 August, to work with Peter Catto on impurity asymmetries in the pedestal.

Elizabeth Paul from University of Maryland visited during 24-28 July to work with Ian Abel on adjoint methods for stellarator optimization.

Mathias Hoppe attended the Culham Plasma Physics Summer School 17-28 July in Oxford, UK.

Ian Abel attended the Vienna Gyrokinetics Meeting 17-23 July.

Tünde participated in the workshop on "Theory and Simulation of Disruptions", 17-19 July in Princeton. She gave a talk with the title "Runaway dynamics in disruptions: sliding and screening".

Stefan and Istvan visited JET for on-site participation in analysis and modelling tasks 3-14 July.

Longqing Yi attended in the Advanced school on "Laser-driven sources of high energy particles and radiation" 9-16 July in Capri, Italy. He presented a poster with the title: "Bright X-ray source from laser-driven micro-plasma-waveguide".

List of events before July 2017.

Student research opportunities

The Plasma theory team welcomes students to work with us. Applications consist of CV and academic record and will be followed by an interview. Typical candidate profile is a student in the 3rd or 4th year with excellent grades and basic plasma physics knowledge corresponding to either of the courses RRY085 or RRY115. The students should be able to commit at least 8 hours per week to work with us and should have strong interest in theoretical and/or computational physics. Contact either Tünde or Istvan for more details.


Fusion Energy The course was given every year during the fall term (study period 1) until 2016.

Collisional Transport in Magnetized Plasmas It is currently ongoing (from 12 April 2016 to the end of 2016). Last time it was given from 13 Feb until 20 June 2012.

Summer schools

Culham Plasma Physics Summer School every year in July, Oxford/Culham

Carolus Magnus Summer School on Plasma and Fusion Energy Physics every second year in September (next time in 2017)

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