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Recent events, research visits and conference participation

Ian Abel attended the Vienna Gyrokinetics Meeting 17-23 July.

Tünde participated in the workshop on "Theory and Simulation of Disruptions", 17-19 July in Princeton. She gave a talk with the title "Runaway dynamics in disruptions: sliding and screening".

Stefan and Istvan visited JET for on-site participation in analysis and modelling tasks 3-14 July.

Longqing Yi attended in the Advanced school on "Laser-driven sources of high energy particles and radiation" 9-16 July in Capri, Italy. He presented a poster with the title: "Bright X-ray source from laser-driven micro-plasma-waveguide".

Joana Martins has participated in the International HPC summer school in Boulder Colorado 25-30 June.

John Omotani, Mathias Hoppe, George Wilkie, Linnea Hesslow and Sarah Newton attended the European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics in Belfast, 26-30 June, 2017. John and Linnea gave oral presentations "Momentum transport by neutrals: effect of kinetic coupling" (O5.134) and "Effect of partially-screened nuclei on fast-electron dynamics" (O4.118). The others presented posters with the titles:
"Neoclassical impurity transport in stellarators" (Newton et al, P1.158),
"Self-consistent nonlinear kinetic modeling of runaway-electron dynamics" (Stahl et al, P2.150),
"Neoclassical study of the isotope effect with light impurities in density pedestals" (Buller et al, P4.157),
"Fundamental physics of the fast ion stabilization of electromagnetic ITG turbulence" (Wilkie et al, P4.162),
"Radiation emission in laser-wakefields driven by structured laser pulses with OAM" (Martins et al, P2.214) and
"Synthetic synchrotron diagnostics for runaway electrons" (Hoppe et al, P5.151).

Carlos Paz Soldan from General Atomics visited 29-30 June.

Eric Hollmann from UCLA visited 15-16 June.

Tünde visited KTH to take part in the evaluation committee of a PhD defense with the title "Structures and processes of the Mercury magnetosphere" on 15 June.

Linnea, Stefan, Aylwin and Istvan participated in the Nordic fusion meeting in Helsinki 15-16 June. On the 15th Istvan briefly summarized the "Core and edge transport research activities at Chalmers". On the 16th, Linnea gave a seminar with the title "Kinetic modelling of runaway electrons", and Stefan delivered an elevator talk titled "Radially global isotope effects in neoclassical pedestal simulations". Aylwin gave a talk in the fast ion session.

Per Helander gave a seminar with the title "Ground states and available energy of collisionless plasmas" on 12 June.

Mathias Hoppe, Ola Embreus, Linnea Hesslow, George Wilkie and Tünde attended the 5th Runaway Electron Meeting 5-8 June in Liblice (Czech Republic).

Aylwin Iantchenko presented his MSc thesis "The role of fast ions in stabilising the ion temperature gradient mode" on Thursday 18 May.

Mathias Hoppe presented his MSc thesis "A synthetic synchrotron diagnostic for runaway electrons in tokamaks" on Friday 12 May.

Linnea participated in the Gothenburg Science Festival, in "Vetenskapsrouletten" on 11 May 17-18.

Tünde and Linnea visited University of Maryland 4-8 May and 4-5 May, respectively. Tünde gave a talk with the title "Create and control beams in plasmas", in the afternoon of 4 May.

Albert Mollén from IPP Greifswald is visited 2-5 May to work on impurity transport in stellarators.

Tünde, Linnea Hesslow and Ola Embreus attend edthe International Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference in Annapolis 1-3 May 2017. Linnea and Ola gave invited talks with the titles: "Kinetic effects of partially screened impurities in runaway-electron mitigation scenarios" and "Relativistic Boltzmann collision operator for runaway-avalanche studies", respectively.

Tünde gave a talk with the title "Stars on Earth" on the "Environmental physics" course for Engineering Physics students on 25 April.

Ola Embréus and Mathias Hoppe visited Asdex-U in Garching 18-25 April. They gave seminars on "Relativistic Boltzmann collision operator for runaway-avalanche studies" and "A synthetic synchrotron diagnostic for runaways in tokamaks", respectively, on 24 April, 12:30.

John Omotani visited Asdex-U in relation to the Medium Sized Tokamak programme 30 March-12 April. He gave a seminar on 4 April Neutrals in the tokamak edge: neoclassical ions and momentum transport.

Edmund visited JET for on-site participation in analysis and modeling tasks 3-7 April.

Longqing, Joana and Vangelis visited Lund Laser Center on 6 April.

Taina Kurki-Suonio and Konsta Särkimäki visited 4-5 April.
The PLIONA general assembly meeting took place 9-10 March in Umeå. Vangelis Siminos, Tim DuBois, Joana Martins, Julien Ferri, Illia Thiele and Tünde attended the meeting.

Adam Stahl defended his PhD thesis "Momentum-space dynamics of runaway electrons in plasmas" on 3 March. The faculty opponent was Abhay Ram from Plasma Science and Fusion Center, MIT, USA. The members of the evaluation committee were Gabriella Pautasso, Max-Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Garching, Lars-Göran Eriksson, European Commission and Laurent Gremillet, CEA, France.

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In connection with Adam's PhD defense, we had a one-day workshop on plasma kinetic theory on Thursday, 2 March (N6115):
10:00 Abhay Ram: Scattering of radio frequency waves by turbulence in plasmas
11:00 Laurent Gremillet: Laser-driven generation of collisionless turbulent shocks
13:30 Ola Embreus: The Boltzmann collision operator: a couple of applications to plasma physics
14:30 Mathias Hoppe: Synthetic synchrotron diagnostics for runaways in tokamaks
15:00 Linnea Hesslow: Effect of partially-screened nuclei on fast-electron dynamics

Laurent Gremillet from CEA, visited Chalmers 21 February - 4 March.
Gergely Papp from IPP Garching visited Chalmers 27 February - 3 March.
Joan Decker from Swiss Plasma Centre, EPFL, visited Chalmers 27 February - 3 March.

Istvan Pusztai visited the Budapest University of Technology and Economics 12-14 February, and gave an invited lecture at the annual winter school of the Hungarian Association of Physics Students (MAFIHE), with the title [transl.] Computational plasma physics - from super-particles to hyperdiffusion.

Sarah Newton visited the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm 9 February to take part in the evaluation committee at the PhD defense of Chris Setiadi.

Clemente Angioni from IPP Garching visited Chalmers 30-31 January 2017 to discuss important issues in impurity transport in fusion devices. He gave a seminar with the title The physics of impurity transport in tokamak plasmas, from A to Z recent progress and challenges".

Tünde visited Uppsala University 19-20 January, in connection with the PhD defense of Cecilia Norgren.

Friedrich Schluck from Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf visited 16 January. He gave a seminar with the title "Strongly-coupled Brillouin amplification - A robust scheme to reach intensities surpassing conventional laser amplifiers".

Julien Ferri from CEA, France, visited 10 January. He gave a talk with the title "Study of the betatron source generated in laser wakefield acceleration".

Evangelos Siminos gave his docent seminar Complex dynamics in relativistic laser plasma interaction on 12 December.

Adam Stahl, George Wilkie, Edmund Highcock, Stefan Buller and Tünde Fülöp participated in the RUSA meeting in Uppsala 7-8 December.

Edmund Highcock gave an invited talk about the impact of plasma flows on turbulence at the 2016 European Fusion Plasma Workshop (this year having the theme "Towards improved plasma performance in ITER and DEMO consistent with few and tolerable disruptions"). The conference was held in Warsaw 28-30 Nov.

Tünde gave a talk at the meeting of the organization "Qualified Minds" about plasma physics and fusion on 25 November.

Ola Embréus visited Matt Landreman at University of Maryland 7-18 November.

George Wilkie visited IPP Garching 7-11 November to work with Gergely Papp and Philipp Lauber.

Paul McKenna from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, visited Chalmers on 9 November. He gave a talk with the title "Polarization control of electron and ion acceleration in relativistic laser-foil interactions".

Istvan Pusztai, Evangelos Siminos and Stefan Buller had oral presentations at the 58th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics, 31 Oct - 4 Nov, San Jose, USA. Evangelos presented Kinetic effects on the transition to relativistic self-induced transparency in laser-driven ion acceleration, Istvan presented Edge rotation as governed by momentum transport due to neutrals and Stefan presented Neoclassical transport in density pedestals with non-trace impurities. In addition, members of our group were co-authors on a contribution with the title Synchrotron and collisional damping effects on runaway electron distributions

George Wilkie, Tim Dubois and Adam Stahl gave talks at the meeting of the plasma physics section of the Swedish Physical Society 27 October, at Chalmers. George talked about "Effects of turbulence on the distribution of fast particles", Adam talked about the "Dynamics of fast electrons in plasmas" and Tim gave a presentation on "Laser driven collisionless shock acceleration of protons".

John Omotani, Sarah Newton and Tünde participated in the IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, 17-22 October, Kyoto. We presented three poster contributions: "Impurity transport and plasma flow in a mixed collisionality stellarator plasma", "Edge momentum transport by neutrals" and "Kinetic modelling of runaways in fusion plasmas".

Daniel Dunai from Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Budapest, Hungary, visited 10-14 October to discuss issues related to neutral regulated plasma rotation.

We organized a workshop focused on theoretical issues in relativistic laser-plasma interactions, 5-7 October at Chalmers. The programme is available here. Very Smart, Interesting Person
Picture taken 6 October at the 1st Chalmers Laser Plasma Theory Workshop.

Adam Stahl and George Wilkie gave lectures on fusion energy within the course "Sustainable energy production" on 22 Sept (in EB) and 3 Oct (in EE), respectively.

Vangelis Siminos has given an invited talk with the title "Localization of extreme light: relativistic solitons, quasi-solitons and breathers" at the International Symposium "Advances in Nonlinear Photonics", September 29 - October 1, 2016 in Minsk, Belarus.

Tünde gave a popular science lecture with the title "Plasma is hot" on 30 September. The lecture is part of a series "To become a physicist" for first year physics students at Gothenburg University.

George Wilkie and Edmund Highcock participated in the 2016 Gyrokinetic Theory Working Group Meeting in Madrid, 26-30 September. Edmund gave a talk with the title "First-principles transport optimisation: first results" and George presented "Global full-f transport from delta-f gyrokinetics".

George Wilkie gave a lunch-bunch talk with the title Turbulence - the bane of fusion reactors on Friday 23 September.

Tünde was a panel member at the Gordon Goodman Memorial Lecture, organized by the Stockholm Environment Institute, in collaboration with KVA and Stockholm University, on 15 September.

Luis Silva from Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal, visited Chalmers 12-13 September. He will gave a seminar with the title Phase space control of ion acceleration in laser-plasma interactions on 12 September 13:30 in PJ.

Anatoly Spitkovsky from Princeton University, USA, visited Chalmers 12 September.

Chandrasekhar Joshi from University of California Los Angeles visited Chalmers 13 September. He gave a presentation with the title Progress in Plasma Wakefield Acceleration on 13 Sept 14:30 in PJ.

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Group picture taken 13 Sept together with Chan Joshi and Luis Silva.

Sarah Newton and Istvan Pusztai participated in the Transport Task Force meeting, Switzerland, Leysin, 5-8 Sept. Sarah presented a contribution with the title "Neoclassical radial impurity flux in a mixed collisionality stellarator plasma". Istvan presented an oral contribution: "Neoclassical transport and flows in pedestals with impurities" and a poster contribution: "Turbulent transport of MeV range cyclotron heated minorities as compared to fusion alphas".

Tünde gave a popular science talk in Swedish with the title "Styra och störa strålar i plasmor" at Café-å-lär, 8 September.

John Omotani, and George Wilkie and Adam Stahl participated in the Theory of Fusion Plasmas Joint Varenna-Lausanne international workshop, 29 Aug - 2 Sept. John presented a poster with the title "Edge rotation from momentum transport by neutrals", Adam presented "A nonlinear relativistic solver for runaway electron dynamics" and George presented "Global anomalous transport of ICRH and NBI-heated fast ions".

Matt Landreman from University of Maryland visited Chalmers 22-26 August. He gave a seminar with the title "How far can shaping coils be from a plasma?" on 23 August.
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Group picture taken 26 Aug together with Matt Landreman and Fulvio Militello.

Fulvio Militello from Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, England, visited Chalmers 24-27 August to work on edge plasma physics. He gave a presentation on The Role of Filamentary Dynamics in the Plasma Exhaust on 25 August.

Bengt Eliasson from Strathclyde University, Glasgow, visited Chalmers 22 August. He gave a presentation with the title: The ionosphere as a natural laboratory to study magnetized plasma turbulence on 22 Aug.

Elisabeth Wolfrum from Max-Planck Institute of Plasma Physics Garching visited Chalmers 17-19 August. She gave a seminar with the title The pedestal at ASDEX Upgrade on 18 August.

Gergely Papp from Max-Planck Institute of Plasma Physics, Garching, visited Chalmers 7-12 August. He gave a seminar with the title "Runaway electron generation and mitigation on the European medium sized tokamaks ASDEX Upgrade and TCV".

Vangelis Siminos gave an invited talk at the SIAM Conference on Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures, August 8-11, Philadelphia, USA. He talked about "Unraveling the State-Space of the Nonlinear Nonlocal Schrödinger Equation: Quasiperiodic Oscillations and Homoclinic Orbits".

List of events before Jul 2016.

Student research opportunities

The Plasma theory team welcomes students to work with us. Applications consist of CV and academic record and will be followed by an interview. Typical candidate profile is a student in the 3rd or 4th year with excellent grades and basic plasma physics knowledge corresponding to either of the courses RRY085 or RRY115. The students should be able to commit at least 8 hours per week to work with us and should have strong interest in theoretical and/or computational physics. Contact either Tünde or Istvan for more details.


Fusion Energy The course was given every year during the fall term (study period 1) until 2016.

Collisional Transport in Magnetized Plasmas It is currently ongoing (from 12 April 2016 to the end of 2016). Last time it was given from 13 Feb until 20 June 2012.

Summer schools

Culham Plasma Physics Summer School every year in July, Oxford/Culham

Carolus Magnus Summer School on Plasma and Fusion Energy Physics every second year in September (next time in 2017)

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