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Collisional transport in magnetized plasmas

Contact persons: István Pusztai

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Course description

Collisional transport theory is of central importance in modern plasma physics. This course will start from elementary concepts and develop the theory through the research frontier.


The aim of the course is to familiarize the students with the basic tools of kinetic plasma theory, such as the drift kinetic equation and the Coulomb collision operator and how to use these to calculate collisional transport coefficients.


Kinetic and fluid description of a plasma. Collision operators. Plasma fluid equations. Particle motion. Transport in cylindrical and toroidal plasmas.


The coursebook is Collisional Transport in Magnetized Plasmas by P Helander and D J Sigmar, Cambridge University Press.


The course builds on a masters level mechanics and electrodynamics knowledge.

Study method

The course consists of 20 meetings. The expected attendance at these meetings is 100%. The students will be asked to read specific pages from the coursebook before the meeting and be prepared to present parts of the material and answer questions about it. Also they will be asked to prepare one question of their own. The examination through this method is oral and continuous.


Twenty times 1-2 hours.


To pass the course you have to take part in the discussion meetings in an active way.

Expected workload

The scheduled time is 2 hours a week for 20 weeks (40 hours in total). Reading the book (before the discussion meetings) is expected to take around 6 hours each week (120 hours in total). In total, the course is expected to take 160 hours (=6 credits).