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Running away and radiating

Particle acceleration and radiation in plasmas has a wide variety of applications, ranging from cancer therapy and lightning initiation, to the improved design of fusion devices for large scale energy production. The goal of this project is to build a flexible ensemble of theoretical and numerical models that describes the acceleration processes and the resulting fast particle dynamics in two focus areas: magnetic fusion plasmas and laser-produced plasmas.

The fundamental questions that are addressed in this project are: (1) how are the particles raised from the thermal level to higher energies, (2) what are the dynamics of and the radiation emitted by these particles and (3) how do the superthermal particles affect the rest of the plasma. Radiation here is used in a broad sense: it includes electromagnetic waves and particle generation (e.g. neutron or positron production).

The project is focused on questions relevant to magnetic fusion plasmas and laser-produced plasmas. The solutions, however, are constructed in a general way, which allows extension to other types of plasma (e.g. magnetospheric plasmas, solar flares). The motivation to study charged particle beam formation is different in the two focus areas: in magnetic fusion plasmas an important concern is the generation of runaways and in laser-produced plasmas the interest concerns advanced radiation sources. It is from these that the title of the project, ``Running away and Radiating'', stems.

The project is funded by the European Research Council (ERC-2014-CoG grant 647121).

Project participants: Linnea Hesslow, Tünde Fülöp, Joana Martins, Ola Embreus, Mathias Hoppe, Pontus Svensson, Lucas Unnerfelt, Oskar Vallhagen, Andréas Sundström. Collaborators: Istvan Pusztai, George Wilkie, Illia Thiele, Longqing Yi, Julien Ferri, Evangelos Siminos, Yevgen Kazakov (LPP/ERM, Brussels), Gergely Papp (Max-Planck-Princeton Center, Garching), Matt Landreman (University of Maryland), Joan Decker (EPFL Lausanne). Previous project participants and collaborators: Adam Stahl, Aletta Csapó, Oscar Jakobsson, Katya Richards