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Email: tunde_at_chalmers.se

Nuclear Engineering
Chalmers University of Technology
SE-412 96 Göteborg

Joan Decker (now at Swiss Plasma Centre, EPFL, Switzerland) held a jubilee professor appointment at Chalmers during 2014. He spent 3 months and worked on synchrotron radiation damping of runaway electron beams. The jubilee professorship has been given out since 1979, when Chalmers celebrated its 150th anniversary and the government presented this to Chalmers as a gift to commemorate the occasion. The criteria to be satisfied are that the holder should bring new know-how to Chalmers and that the University's international contacts should be reinforced.
  Name: Joan Decker
Email: joan.decker_at_free.fr
Research Interest: Runaway electrons, lower hybrid current drive
Position: Anniversary Professor 2014
Very Smart, Interesting Person